I'm from Czech republic where I also currently live and work as a graphic designer. So you can think about my artwork as my hobby. I haven't studied any special school for it and learned everything by myself and it was a long and sometimes lonely journey.
I draw and paint mostly anthropomorphic creatures, animals, animal portraits, cartoon characters and sometimes I create graphics for t-shirts logos and other things.
Through years I've developed my own techniques and styles, I use various media, I love to experiment a lot and have fallen into water media obsession which has resulted in my passion for collecting (almost hoarding) art supplies.
It has taken me many years to get myself where I am now. And I still have a long journey ahead of me. Wish me luck!

Projects I participated in:


Q: How have you learned to draw?
A: I attended no art courses, I learned everything by myself by reading art books, studying tutorials and experimenting. This whole process took since when I was about 17.

Q: Why does it look like you draw exclusively animals?
A: I like to draw various subjects but I always return to animals as they're very special to me, each species is interesting and this is something I don't find with humans. I love to paint landscapes though.


Q: Can you teach me how to draw?
A: I can give you advice or two if you ask me, yes. But if you would like to start a serious artistic career, I'd recommend taking a course where the lector can give you even more valuable advices.

Q: Can you draw something for me?
A: I'm afraid I can't just draw for free for anyone who asks. I may consider commissioned work though. I'd suggest checking on my other online galleries to see if I'm open for these.